A Gospel-centered Church These are good websites that I recommend you visit: This site contains many classic articles and and audio resources of the historic Christian faith.   There is also a handsome bookstore.  You can stay on this site for hours as a time.  Really! Ever since I read Nine Marks of a Healthy Church years ago, I knew these were the people I wanted to copy. This is a great site for links to other sites.  Phil Johnson has categorized his research of Christian and “christian” websites into helpful qualifications of good and bad theology.  It is remarkable work.  You could stay here for hours. The Founders are committed to historic Southern Baptist beliefs.  It is a great resource for the writings of those who were instrumental in the development of the early years of the Southern Baptist Convention. This is a plethora of excellent resources–articles, courses, blogs, book reviews–all it sound.  I like these people a lot.  I want to go to one of their conferences some time soon. Here is a great website for studying issues in defending the Christian faith.  There are all kinds of information here about many things, including cults, other religions. And some good blogs that I like to read: Tim Challies writes blogs.  I especially view his a la carte page almost everyday.  I subscribe to him on facebook, so that I see his updates post regularly. I like to read some of the these blogs, especially Justin Taylor, Tullian Tchividjian (pronounced cha-vi-jin), and D.A. Carson’s daily devotional. I enjoy reading Phil Johnson’s witty and winsome arguments about things.  I find that I do not disagree with him on anything, so far. Al Mohler is one of the smartest, and wisest men on the Earth–-a super capable administrator, theologian, philosopher, and commentator.  He is very difficult to disagree with. Marty Minto is a personal friend of mine.  I love him.  He is an awesome Christian radio talk show host.  I listen to The Marty Minto Show as often as I can, Monday through Friday from 4:00pm - 6:00pm on WSTS 100.9 The Cross. Also of interest to me: