A Gospel-centered Church These are some good books that I recommend: One of the best books about the necessary qualities for a good church.  I have read it three times now, and I use it for reference often as just of reminder of things I know our church should be doing. I always open this volume first to study anything doctrinal.  Grudem is a favorite among the Reformed thinkers.  I do not agree with him on his views of the continuation of the sign gifts, but everything else here is brilliant.  I love it. This was my text for systematic theology in seminary.  It is the classic Baptist work.  I thought it was excellent.  I still use it–often. My copy has many helpful highlighted lines. This is an awesome book dealing with several aspects of leading congregational worship.  I love Bob Kauflin.  This book, along with his blog, Worship Matters, has revolutionized my thinking about worship in the body of Christ. This is just awesome book.  Grudem candidly deals with just about every issue that has anything to do with political philosophy in our current cultural climate from a biblical perspective.  It is not easy to disagree with him. I just love it when a writer is bold in preaching and explaining the gospel.  Matt Chandler is exceptional in doing this in this book.  This is what the modern church needs, badly. Just another refreshment for me of the gospel message that we must proclaim to the lost world around us.  The more you study it, the more you know it, so that you can tell to others more accurately.  I love it. Tell the Truth is the best book I have ever read on personal evangelism.  This is what every Christian and every church should read and use to train themselves in witnessing the gospel to the lost. Dr. Hammett was my favorite professor in seminary.  This book is a excellent treatment of the doctrine of the church, especially as it applies biblical principles for Baptists.

I am going to continue to update this page as I go. Mike