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Who Are We?

South Strand Community Church is a biblical church based on sound, conservative, doctrinal convictions. There are truths that we will not compromise. We believe the Bible is God's inerrant and infallible standard of truth, and this we proclaim. We have nothing else to say or teach. Consequently, we love systematic, verse by verse, expository preaching through Bible books.

Above all else, we are committed to proclaiming the good news of God's salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We love to preach and hear the gospel.

South Strand is a church where believers who follow Jesus Christ learn God's Word and are encouraged in their spiritual growth--a place where Christians can come together in fellowship and express genuine and heart-felt worship of God.

We enjoy a contemporary style of worship service, with many current Christian songs and hymns (both new and old) for worship.  We are welcoming and inviting to everyone. We hope that we will also appeal to those who may not attend church but might be interested in exploring Christianity. It's a great church for people who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions, and simply want to explore what the Bible says about the person and claims of Jesus Christ.

Michael King